The Goddess Line

Radha Fragrance Oil


Goddess of Beauty, Sincerity, Devotion and Love

This unique scent features a top note of rare Indian Saffron Absolute Melange, with floral complements of Bulgarian rose and sandalwood for an earthy, spicy and sweet finish. 

There is no alcohol or water in any of our oils. Take them on the go with our compact 1/3 oz. bottle featuring a smooth, no-mess roll-on applicator.

For this rare, limited edition scent, we used Saffron Absolute, which is organically grown in the Kashmir Valley of India. Crocus sativus L. is the saffron-producing flower world-renowned as the most expensive spice. Saffron is such a luxurious spice thanks to the arduous task of hand-removing stigmas, also called threads, from the flower. Each flower produces only three, with over 80,000 crocus flowers needed to obtain just one pound of dried stigmas for spice. The space required to grow 80,000 crocus flowers encompasses one acre. To produce Saffron Absolute, hundreds of thousands of dried flower stigmas are needed. Saffron Absolute is artisan-made once per year, with the rest dedicated to annual spice production.

Adding real saffron to a blend of oils is rare; it is both expensive and hard to source, but the result is a fragrance of true distinction.

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